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Jasmine Shampoo

Product Description

Nano-enhanced minerals break through bonds of odor molecules and dissolve them on contact.

Each bottle is packed with nutrients including Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 along with Olive oil PEG-7 for superb conditioning.

Hydrates skin and coat with no oil residue. Leaves your dog looking, feeling, and smelling clean.

Soothing and relaxing. The easy rinse formula washes away effortlessly. Reduces bath time and conserves water.

Product EXP date: 3rd year after manufacture date (printed on the label)

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)


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    1. Very nice shampoo

      First customers dog I used it on had fleas, took care of them fast. Left the dog feeling soft and shiny.

      ChristineOct 13, 2017

    2. Wonderful Product!

      My White Lab, Bucket, has sensitive skin and seasonal allergies. This shampoo calms both symptoms. And he smells great for 2 weeks and counting!!

      CaseyNov 10, 2016

    3. I'm impressed!

      I've tested this product on my poodle cause he is so sensitive and this is the first time he has not rubbed all over the furniture after a bath! I also tested this on my golden doodle because usually 3 days after her bath she smells bad. It has now been 9 days since her bath and she still smells good! I used this on a clients havanese because he usually gets very oily and smells bad just a few days after grooming. Two weeks after using this he is not oily and still smells good! I also used this on a clients med size mix breed that has terrible itching problems, he is our most sensitive client. The dog had no itching! We are still tastings things out put I've now ordered two gallons to use it some more. Shipping is high but hopefully they will be at trade shows so I can save on that.

      J Anders, Creative k-9 DesignsJan 06, 2015

    4. Fantastic!

      I used to bathe my dog with human shampoo. Rinsing the suds would take twice as long as washing him and after just two days of him being a "walking room freshner", he would smell again.
      His coat would also be dry & flaky, making him scratch almost constantly.

      Recently, I bathed my dog with Jasmine Shampoo by Reliq. It lathered up just enough and rinsing was a breeze. Six days later, my dog still smells great!
      I'm not talking about him being a jasmine room freshener, I mean he smells CLEAN ~ with a HINT of jasmine ~ and his skin is not flaky or dry at all ! His coat is also much softer to the touch, making everyone in the family want to pet him for long periods of time : )

      I couldn't be happier with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their dogs skin, coat, and over all body scent.

      K. CowanNov 26, 2012


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