Facebook Limited edition bundle

Facebook Limited edition bundle

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Ear care:
The best natural approach. This alcohol free and non-irritating formula is perfect for the most sensitive ears.
4 oz + 12 oz shampoo


There’s no getting around it…

The only thing worse for a dog owner than seeing their beloved pet in pain and struggling, is not knowing how to help them.

You need this! >>

When a dog is plagued with chronic ear issues and their owner has taken them to the vet (often multiple times), only to have the problem reemerge, it’s only natural to feel frustrated and hopeless.

But there is a solution, and it’s not nearly as costly as numerous vet visits!

Right now we’re offering one 4oz. Reliq Ear Solution, along with a 12oz. Bottle of our popular cherry blossom shampoo for $14.98, PLUS free shipping.

It's Reliq Ear Solution, the first Nano-science pet ear solution.

This incredible product is excellent for keeping dogs ears clean and resolving ear discomfort naturally.

✅ Instant odor control (Goodbye foul smell!)

✅ Relief from scratching
✅ Alcohol-free (no dryness or chill to dog’s skin.)
✅ Made with rosemary and witch hazel for natural inflammation relief

The Reliq Ear Solution is formulated with herbal extracts and minerals. It's a natural way to ensure that dogs' ears stay clean and healthy. Our customers consistently rave about the relief their dogs experience - which is often more reliable and longer lasting than the short-term solutions given during their vet visits.


A dog’s ears can get funky, leading to bad odor if not cared for. Our special blend of natural herbal extracts and unique nano-enhanced minerals gently loosen and remove dirt, debris and ear wax, naturally restoring and maintaining clean ears for dogs and cats.
The Reliq solution is the best natural approach. Fragrance and alcohol free. This non-irritating formula is perfect for the most sensitive ears.
Shake well before use. Apply drops to each ear canal. Gently massage at base of ear. Allow pet to shake head, then wipe excess with a soft tissue. Avoid contact with eyes. Apply once or twice weekly on a routine basis to keep ears clean and fresh. Also for use after bathing and swimming.

Product EXP date: 3rd year after manufacture date (printed on the label)

Purified water, Rosemary essential oil, Volcanic minerals, Witch hazel extract, Calendula silvestre extract.