Lavender Shampoo

Lavender Shampoo

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A special blend of Lavender and botanical oils provide a soothing bathing aroma, while the natural minerals nourish a dog’s coat and skin.
500ml / 16.9 oz


Nano-enhanced minerals break through bonds of odor molecules and dissolve them on contact.

Each bottle is packed with nutrients including Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 along with Olive oil PEG-7 for superb conditioning.

Hydrates skin and coat with no oil residue. Leaves your dog looking, feeling, and smelling clean.

Soothing and relaxing. The easy rinse formula washes away effortlessly. Reduces bath time and conserves water.

Product EXP date: 3rd year after manufacture date (printed on the label)


16 Reviews

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    Posted by jim bond on Dec 15, 2015

    I appreciate the Lavender shampoo ability to volumize the hair and deep cleaning! The smell also is great. This shampoo makes the groomers job so much easier to scissor cut because it fluffy and lightens up the hair!

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    Lavender Shampoo

    Posted by Elizabeth Lisella on Feb 08, 2015

    This shampoo is wonderful. I'm a professional groomer of 25yrs and until my salon started using Lavender Mineral Spa, I never had a client comment on how well they loved the smell of their dog after weeks from grooming BUT with this Lavender shampoo I hear it often from clients on how wonderful their dogs felt and smelled weeks after their grooming appointment and to please continue using this shampoo. This line is wonderful!

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    Lavender Mineral Spa Shampoo

    Posted by Nicole, Livonia, MI Dec 29, 2014 on Dec 29, 2014

    I ordered the groomer's sampler set before the holidays so I could try it out on as many different coat types as possible in a short time frame. I am impressed with how responsive Cameron was, and with how quickly my order arrived! The Lavender shampoo smells divine, rinses quickly & easily, and left the coats amazingly smooth and easy to dry!

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    Posted by Ellen, Kearney Mo on May 29, 2014

    After trying the Lavender shampoo I was so sold on this line that I ended up ordering more of it plus other scents.
    One of the best dog shampoos I've ever used! You'll notice a difference in the skin and coat after the first use!

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    Posted by Jess on Apr 05, 2014

    love this product. i find i don 't need to use nearly as much of it as i would another brand and it is much easier to rinse off. i got the lavender scent and it smells awesome without being overpowering. a week after the bath and my dog still smells great, even after a couple outdoor romps! definitely a return customer.

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    The best shampoo for dog

    Posted by Philip, Lafayette CA on Jan 31, 2013

    I have used the shampoo and really like it. The shampoo smells great and the smell lasted at least 7 days from bath to bath (even 14 days when I missed a weekend bath). It is definitely smoother and easier to rinse than other shampoos that I've used. My dog is outside a lot and doesn't mind the mud and rain, so maintaining that nice smell throughout the rainy season seemed very positive. It leaves my dog's coat smooth and shiny. I would definitely buy it as a replacement for the commercial shampoos offered at the local bathing facility.

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    Worth the price

    Posted by Jeanne Fu on Jan 13, 2013

    The shampoo smells very nice and soothing. It makes the coat fluffy and so soft, has the salon effect. Highly recommend it.

Purified water, Coconut-based cleansers, Volcanic minerals, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 conditioner, Olive oil PEG 7 emollient, Natural soy extract deodorant, Lavender oil, Tea tree leaf oil, Lemon essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Scutellaria extract, Olive leaf extract.