User Testimonials

  • I have used the shampoo and really like it. The shampoo smells great and the smell lasted at least 7 days from bath to bath (even 14 days when I missed a weekend bath). It is definitely smoother and easier to rinse than other shampoos that I’ve used. My dog is outside a lot and doesn’t mind the mud and rain, so maintaining that nice smell throughout the rainy season seemed very positive. It leaves my dog’s coat smooth and shiny. I would definitely buy it as a replacement for the commercial shampoos offered at the local bathing facility.
    - Philip / Lafayette CA

  • I have used the products twice so far. It has a good and clean smell to it and it does rinse off easier. As far as the feel, it is smoother and I can feel the richness of it. This product has helped keep my dog from developing a strong odor, which has been a problem. I really like these products and would consider using them on a regular basis. I must say, I am very impressed with your product and will recommend your product to family and friends! Thank you.
    - A.S. / Dallas TX

  • The smell of the shampoo is really what stands out. It smells great and definitely sticks around the coat longer than other pet shampoos. Even after playing outside in the mud, the dog still smelled like the shampoo. I was really impressed with the products. Overall, my dog’s fur was softer and smelled better than with other shampoos. A friend even commented about how soft my dog’s fur was a few days after his bath! I will definitely keep using the shampoo.
    - Anne / San Francisco CA

  • Yes I have used the shampoo and the deodorizer twice. We liked the smell it smells clean not like chemicals and it rinses out so easy and it kept our dog odor free for at least a week. Plus it helps with her itching we would consider using this product over the one we use now. Thank you!
    - Donna / Ft. Worth TX

  • I have used the shampoo and spay on my golden lab who is 18 months old. I definitely like the smell and the texture of the product and the way that it rinses off. After bathing her I did notice that it took a little longer before she had a doggie odor. Yes I would consider using your product and replace mine. The odor spray works well too. So far I have been impressed with the product. I like the way my labs coat shines and I also like the smell which lasts longer than what I have used in the past. I would definitely use this product and would recommend to my friends.
    - Bernie / San Ramon CA

  • I had used the shampoo once and spray 4 times on each of my dogs. The smell is wonderful feel is very smooth and silky. It does keep my dogs from having an odor in 4-7 days or longer. I like them. The smell is great. The spray is very easy to use.
    - Tara / Washington DC

  • I wanted to let you know that I tried the shampoo on my 4yr. old Jack Russell. I was very pleased with the results. His fur has never looked so good. It is fluffy and has a great texture. He also smells good. It’s been about 3 days since I washed him and he still looks great. I think it will be a success.
    - Kristin / Fuquay-Varina NC